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Kandichet is handcrafted, unique, revolutionary crocheted apparel inspired by the free spirited festival culture and all that goes with it.

“My name is Erica Simmers, and Kandichet is my doing. Crocheting is my own personal form of therapy. I’ve been crocheting for since I was a kid, and even now as an adult, I just cannot stop! Call me addicted, but crocheting has really helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. For me it’s more than a hobby. It’s an escape.

I’ve loved designing clothing ever since I was a teen, so naturally combining my designs with crocheting made sense. I constantly strive to take crochet where it hasn’t been before. Crocheting can be so much more than the traditional scarf or hat. It’s exciting to see crochet style getting larger and more diverse every year!”

Quality is all about the details. At Kandichet we go the extra mile to make sure every piece is delicately crafted with only the best quality materials and detailed to perfection. Each piece is mint! Every one is wrapped beautifully not only to wear, but to savor and enjoy.