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Spring Cleaning: 5 Items to Ditch from Your Wardrobe This Year

As we enter another fresh, new year, we feel an overwhelming compulsion to wipe the slate clean. Out with the old & in with the new! This motto leaves no exceptions to our caverns of clothing. However, it’s often difficult choosing exactly which items to ditch from our wardrobes. Never fear! We are here to help you break it down Eminem style, and clean out your closet.

You are SERIOUSLY going to want to ditch these 5 items: Continue reading “Spring Cleaning: 5 Items to Ditch from Your Wardrobe This Year”

10 Creative Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

The first thing you should know about suffering from the winter blues is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A combination of lacking sunlight, decreased sociability, and simply not enough fresh air has us all feeling robbed of serotonin. About 10 million others, in the U.S. alone, are affected by the winter blues each year! All of these people are searching for answers, just like you, and we are here to deliver 10 of our best tips to help you get happy!

1. Listen to Plenty of Music:
It’s no secret that music has magical, uplifting powers. Listen to music at work, at home when you aren’t doing much else, at the gym, & most helpful of all, DANCE TO THE MUSIC. Continue reading “10 Creative Tips to Beat the Winter Blues”

7 Hot Accessories to Watch for in 2016

Accessories are the cherries on top of our outfits. They add spice and character to what could otherwise be a simple or unfinished look. No doubt, accessorizing is as fun as it is important. Here’s some of our favorite accessories we are seeing adorned this year:

1. Chokers
There’s no way around it. Chokers are instantly transforming women everywhere into sex kittens. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to feel like the perfect combination of sexy and cute? Continue reading “7 Hot Accessories to Watch for in 2016”

Pantone 2016 Report: The Colors to Wear this Summer

COLOR. It’s everywhere, and when it comes to fashion, it’s front & center! Every color we wear allows us to express and compliment our personal sense of style. The right color can compliment our hair, skin & eye tones. It can make a bold statement, or blend naturally into its environment. The wrong color, however can make us look washed-out or even decrease the perceived value of a garment.
Continue reading “Pantone 2016 Report: The Colors to Wear this Summer”

Kandichet Fashion Show

Check out some of the photos from the Kandichet Fashion Show @ SoundGarden Hall this past weekend! Click link:

More pics coming to the gallery soon! smile emoticon ‪#‎kandi‬ ‪#‎fashionshow‬ ‪#‎crochet‬ ‪#‎festival‬ ‪#‎EDM‬ ‪#‎rave‬ ‪#‎party‬