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7 Hot Accessories to Watch for in 2016

Accessories are the cherries on top of our outfits. They add spice and character to what could otherwise be a simple or unfinished look. No doubt, accessorizing is as fun as it is important. Here’s some of our favorite accessories we are seeing adorned this year:

1. Chokers
There’s no way around it. Chokers are instantly transforming women everywhere into sex kittens. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to feel like the perfect combination of sexy and cute? It’s no surprise they seem to be hanging around yet another year, and even making their way to the top of this list.


2. Fluffy/Fuzzy/Furry Details
Straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, fluffy/fuzzy/furry little details are popping out of the corners of our shoes and sprouting from ears, fingers & hair. Following the more whimsical trends we’ve been watching recently, this is certainly one of the newer and more adventurous quirks we are seeing in 2016.


3. Clear Plastic
It’s literally no secret, plastic is still in. Purses, bracelets, earrings & necklaces are clearly making their appearance this year. Apparently no one is hiding behind this simple fact: These jelly PVC adornments can see right through to our nostalgia, and we are loving it.


4. Geodes & Crystals & Stones
It’s not just your neighborhood bass-hippie trying to sell you wire-wraps anymore. Crystals have extended their way into our jewelry boxes pretty quickly and they are bringing their energies with them. Geodes, moonstone & opal have also been making their appearances, seasoning our day-to-day as well as our more decked-out looks.


5. Glitter
We might not be surprised to still be picking off last year’s glitter flakes, but one thing that does have us turning our heads are some of the new ways we are seeing glitter being used as an accessory. From glitter roots to beards, it seems we have all been a victim of glitter bombing. Yes, the glitter revolution is still going strong, leaving us all feeling like space princesses.


6. Shoulder Dusters
As sultry as shoulders themselves, we are seeing more and more earrings dropping it like it’s hot. Apparently reaching new lows is no longer a bad thing (unless, of course, you are winking as you say the word BAD). “How low can they go?”, you ask. We leave that to be seen in 2016.


7. Anything Geometric
It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to notice all of the geometrical patterns formulating their way onto our bodies. These angular accessories are more tangible than ever due to astrological & tribal influences recently brought into the spotlight by the emerging festival culture.


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