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10 Creative Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

The first thing you should know about suffering from the winter blues is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A combination of lacking sunlight, decreased sociability, and simply not enough fresh air has us all feeling robbed of serotonin. About 10 million others, in the U.S. alone, are affected by the winter blues each year! All of these people are searching for answers, just like you, and we are here to deliver 10 of our best tips to help you get happy!

1. Listen to Plenty of Music:
It’s no secret that music has magical, uplifting powers. Listen to music at work, at home when you aren’t doing much else, at the gym, & most helpful of all, DANCE TO THE MUSIC. Dancing & music are truly food for the soul, so don’t be afraid to rock out!


2. Expose Yourself to More Light:
Since we aren’t able to get enough sunlight from nature during the colder months, we are forced to simulate it in other ways. Turning on more lights in your home and workplace is an easy way to help brighten up the room and lift your spirits on a regular basis. Even going tanning is another way to expose yourself to rays that are similar to natural sunlight. Not to mention, feeling a warmth similar to laying on the beach!


3. Plan a Vacation:
Planning a vacation is a great way to give yourself something to look forward to! Whether it’s a tropical escape in the midst of winter or simply going skiing, lining yourself with fun activates is a great way to keep active and lively. Just planning the vacation itself can also be a great distraction from the daunting winter weather.


4. Spend Time Outdoors:
We all know hard it can be to drag ourselves out of bed, let alone going outdoors. I mean, it’s freezing out there, right?! However, getting fresh air (cold or not) is very important for us all to avoid getting cabin fever. Even just visiting some local shops in your town can get you moving around outdoors.


5. Get Enough Exercise:
This weather, undoubtedly, has us all wanting nothing more than to hibernate till it’s all over. Despite of how good this may feel, it is the opposite of helpful for our bodies & minds. Exercising is crucial to keeping us feeling lifted because it releases natural endorphins that make us relaxed & happier.


6. Stay Social:
Forcing ourselves out of the house when it’s cold out can be a chore in itself. Regardless, keeping up with plans and putting ourselves in the company of friends is one of the most important things we can do to stay chipper. There are plenty of indoor activities to do together, and chances are your friends are dying for some social interaction as well.


7. Shop for Warm Weather Outfits:
Getting geared up for spring & summer can really help us get in the warm-weather mindset. Shopping for/trying on crop tops, bikinis & sundresses mimics those exciting feelings of the approaching seasons, and helps drag us out of that funk.


8. Cook Summertime Foods:
No joke, those carb-loaded winter comfort foods are only slowing us down. To energize your sense of being, try eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and even grilling! This sunny, backyard-esc cuisine will help to treat our bodies like it’s summer & our minds will follow.


9. Make Your Bed in the Morning:
This little tip can go a long way in helping us get up and out more often. We all have those days in winter where we are clinging to our beds for dear life. Simply making our beds each morning can help prevent more of these days which, let’s be real, are way more indulgent than helpful in most cases.


10. Visit an Indoor Swimming Pool:
Bet you forgot all about the pool, didn’t you?! Yes, there are still pools in winter, they are just indoors (and they are heated!). Swimming indoors is a great way to get in that swimsuit and also get some extra exercise. It’s a double win!


We hope these tips will help to make your winter a little easier. Hang in there, and remember: SPRING IS COMING SOONER THAN YOU MAY THINK!

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